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After nearly 30 years in learning and development as a professional learner, trainer, training manager, department head and learning director, I can tell you now the 3 reasons you are not getting what you want.

  1. You are consuming too much or too little without clear goals or direction.
  2. You are not making intentional learning a shared,  daily, active practice.
  3. You are expecting to achieve similar results without similar starting points, effort, resources or conditions.

I watched it so i can do it, right?

Consuming is not learning

Our learning brain is a child like brain. Like my children it is playful, fun to be around, excitable, consistently questioning, always hungry, energy consuming, can tire easily and with regular exercise can get stronger and fitter. If you under feed or over feed them there are consequences (crap in, crap out).

Like all children it needs boundaries, a regime of regular healthy eating and exercise, focused holistically to benefit the whole. Reward progress and view mistakes as rich teachers of learning that increase your experiential value rather than hold you back. 

Identify, iterate and experiment to learn.

You have been sold a Dud!

Desires and Dreams are not destinations

Unfortunately our brains are wired to be subtly susceptible in various degrees to desire for the destination not the journey. That means we can get super excited about the fantasy, without considering the investment of effort.

The difference between a dream and a goal is therefore the activity of planning and then making the first steps. Actively moving toward your goal, understanding how you (not someone else) can get you there with the resources you have and understanding the total cost of your investment (effort, time, value). 

Sharing this goal, the progress, success and failures leads you to the experience of learning. 

Make socialisation of learning a daily iterative practice to exercise your learning brain!

The Sky is not The Limit!

Your only limitation is your-Self

The best any trainer or educator can do is to share ways of working with you that will hopefully be quicker than if you taught yourself from scratch through experimentation.

To optimise this process you must know where you are right now (self awareness), the results you want to achieve (performance) and the natural strengths you have (talent) that can get you there. 

You are already a leader of thought, behaviours and actions so from that starting point you can begin to utilise your strengths and accelerate beyond your own perceived (and often self prescribed) limitations.

Just 5m of active learning every day is equivalent to 3 workshop training days per year. 

Martin Lewis Knowles

Learning Director

Martin Lewis

Creative Director

Martin Lewis Knowles

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Go Beyond

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You are consuming too much content or too little without clear goals or direction.


You are not making intentional learning a shared, daily, active practice.


You are expecting to achieve similar results without similar starting points, effort, resources or conditions.

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